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Our technique cleans your entire dryer vent system twice – once from the outside and once from the inside – so you can be sure the job has been done right.  According to dryer manufacturers, your dryer vent must be producing about 96 cubic feet of air per minute at a velocity of 1100 feet per minute in order for your dryer to be operating efficiently and safely.  We test your system using a sophisticated thermo-anemometer to be sure that you are getting the proper air velocity. It's an essential part of home maintenance and fire safety prevention.

Believe it or not, fires from dryer vents are one of the top causes of house fires within the United States. While many people realize that chimney fires, unmanned candles and electrical fires are all common dangers, they tend to forget that improper dryer vent cleaning can lead to a danger for the entire family. With that being said, this is a hazard that you really cannot afford to ignore if you want to keep your home and family safe. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that the normal lint trap within a dryer will usually only take care of removal of roughly 80% of the lint. house-cleaners

This lint could block your own dryer in-take which enable it to price tag hearth danger which could placed you along with your family's living directly into hazard as well as many of us don't wish them to occur. In like manner prevent hearth danger you have to maintain your drier ducts for being clean up every now and then as well as we've air duct firm right now daily which offers drier in-take cleanup that is quite ideal for the particular budget. Our dryer vent cleaning teams also perform air duct cleaning and vent cleaning.

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