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Cleaning tile grout can be an extremely tough, tedious, back breaking job. You spend hours on you hands and knees scrubbing the grout lines, just to see them get dirty within a month or two later. Grout is very porous, therefore everything that touches the grout is absorbed directly into it. Any and all spills are directly absorbed into the grout immediately. This makes it impossible to clean, because the liquid is actually deep into the grout opposed to sitting on the surface. Call now we can help!

In spaces that do not require special grout treatment, our crew starts the job by applying a pre-treatment to the tiles in order to soften lime, scum and bacterial build up and make it easier to remove. Then, they apply high pressure steam to remove all dirt, grime and debris. Industrial strength vacuuming action sucks away all the residue through watertight tubing attached to a trash receptacle. In most cases, the crew will use truck mounted steam cleaning equipment, though in smaller areas they may opt for high power handheld equipment. house-cleaners

Tile and grout. Two completely different materials that work harmoniously to create beautiful, practical, watertight surfaces. Stone and ceramic tiles are nonporous, so they don't soak up liquids or absorb smells. They are easy to clean and are the natural choice for areas with high humidity or where sanitation is an issue. The spaces between ceramic and stone tiles installed in commercial and residential spaces are filled with grout, which can be left in its natural state or it can be colored to compliment the color of the tiles. Our services are fully licensed and insured.

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